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151 17-08-2013 Appoint Karam Uma Devi, SDC, Kakching as Executive Magistrate having jurisdiction over the whole of
146 16-08-2013 Extend the term of appointment of M Ibohal Singh, MSJ to the post of Additional District and Sessi
143 14-08-2013 Appoint S Gojendro Singh, SDC, Wangoi as Executive Magistrate having jurisdiction over the whole of
141 12-08-2013 M Brojen Singh, Vice Chairperson, Kakching Municipal Council has tenderd his resignation
142 12-08-2013 Appoint P Duna Duo, SDC, Tadubi as Executive Magistrate having jurisdiction over the whole of Mao Ma
136 07-08-2013 Shri Heikrujam Gourango Singh, Councilor Ward No 6 (six) is elected as the Chairperson of Wanging
140 07-08-2013 Dr K Arunkanta, Health Officer, Imphal Municipal Council to retire from service on superannuation
133 05-08-2013 Construction of New BG Railway chainage between Tupul to Imphal in Tamenglong District
130 03-08-2013 Recognition of 3(three) Tribal Dialects ie Poumei, Gangte and Liangmei under Education Department
131 03-08-2013 Remove the word DRAFT which is found upper right coner of the preamble of the Industrial and Investm
132 03-08-2013 Expansion of Nagamapal Road (from Khoyathong to Kangjabi Leirak and Kangjabi Leirak to Maharani Brid
163 03-08-2013 Constitute the Jail Advisory Board comprising of the following members for a term of 2 (two) years
127 02-08-2013 Beautification development of Singda Multipurpose Project in Imphal West District
128 02-08-2013 Construction of Mini secretariate Building at village No 99 Bijang Lourup in Churachandpur District
129 02-08-2013 Constitution of a State Executive Committee consisting of officials members under Rajive Gandhi Panc
124 01-08-2013 Declaration of the elected members of the Village Authority of Ramlalong Village, Tamenglong Sub Di
126 01-08-2013 Construction of FCI Godown at village No 55 Liwa Khullen in Chandel District
121 31-07-2013 Manipur Civil Services Combined Competitive Examination (3rd Amendment) Rules, 2013
122 31-07-2013 Appont Shri Ph Surendra Singh, retired (MJS) as Member of Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission (Sta
123 31-07-2013 Beautification of Singda Multipurpose Project at Ireng Naga Village in Senapati District
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