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16 26-04-2013 Orders to appoint Smt Ch Leibaklotpi Devi as Chairperson, Manipur State Social Welfare Board
15 26-04-2013 Poll schedule of the members of the Manipur Veterinary Council
14 26-04-2013 Order in connnection with cacellation of Registration Certificate
10 06-04-2013 Orders to appoint Shri Ng Norenkumar, MCS, SDO Lilong as Executive Magistrate of Thoubal District
11 06-04-2013 Orders to appoint Shri Aphang Dangmei, Deputy Inspector of Schools by promotioon to the post of In
12 06-04-2013 Notification for the conduct and election of Members of the Village Authorities
9 04-04-2013 Shri Md Fazur Rahim, MLA elected as Chairman of the Wakf Board, Manipur
7 03-04-2013 Corrigendum for Village No 9 Thangmeiband
8 03-04-2013 The Manipur MBBS, BDS Entrance Examination (Selection of Candidates for Nomination) Amendment Rules,
3 02-04-2013 The First Level Monitoring Committee for the State of Manipur
5 02-04-2013 Land Acquisition for construction of approach road to Dholakhal Railway Station Yard in Tamenglong
4 02-04-2013 The Second Level Monitoring Committee for the State of Manipur
1 01-04-2013 The Manipur Municipality Ombudsman Act, 2013
2 01-04-2013 The Manipur Rural Local Bodies Ombudsman Act, 2013
392 30-03-2013 To appoint Smt Th Chitra Devi, Director (Social Welafre), Manipur as Exofficio Managing Director of
391 26-03-2013 To designate Deputy Secretary, Under Secretary (Commerce and Industries as State Public Information
389 23-03-2013 Registration of The Nongpok Loyalam Un Employed Saw Mill Owners Welfare Association
387 22-03-2013 To appoint the Deputy Rangers on promotion to the posts of RFOs
386 22-03-2013 To appoint Khaidem Hitler Singh, Assistant Director, Economics and Statistics Department as Executiv
388 22-03-2013 Local limits of jurisdiction and place of sitting of the Additional District and Sessions Court (Fas
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