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115 07-07-2013 The Regional Director, RBI to constitute a Task Force consisting of the following Members
85 05-07-2013 Allocate the work of Administration of the Cooperative Department to Th Manao Singh, Additional Regi
83 03-07-2013 Regularisation of Additional District and Session Judge (FTC), Manipur East and Manipur West
80 02-07-2013 Three Financial Committee of the Manipur Legislative Assembly for the year, 2013,14
81 02-07-2013 Time and date for holding to the office of the Vice Chairman, Hill Areas Committee of the Manipur Le
77 29-06-2013 Land Acquisition for construction of New B G Railway Line between Tupul to Imphal in Imphal West Di
78 29-06-2013 Publication of The Manipur Appropriation Bill No 4, 5 and 6 2013 as introduced in the Manipur Legis
79 29-06-2013 Publication of the Manipur Appropiation (No 3) as introduced in Manipur Legislative Assembly
76 28-06-2013 The Manipur Entrance Test for Engineering and Allied Diploma Courses (Selection Candidates) 1st Amen
75 27-06-2013 The Manipur Forest Service (1st Amendment) Rules, 2013
73 26-06-2013 Order regard to arrest of any person in complaint under Section 66A of the Information Technology Ac
74 26-06-2013 Appoint Shri G Shantikumar Kabui, SDO Moirang as Executive Magistrate having jurisdiction over the w
72 22-06-2013 RRs for the post of Deputy Director in the Manipur Legislative Assembly Secretariat
71 21-06-2013 The Readjustment of Representation of Scheduled Castes and ScheduledTribes in Parliamentary and Ass
70 19-06-2013 Declare Shri M Khamkhohau as Chief of Tonjang Village, Singngat,Churachandpur District
66 18-06-2013 Appoint by promotion of two officers from MJS Grade III to MJS Grade II
67 18-06-2013 The Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Ordinance, 2013
68 18-06-2013 The Manipur Cooperative Societies (Fifth Amendment) Bill, 2013
69 18-06-2013 The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Amendment) Second Ordinance, 2013
63 17-06-2013 Appoint Shri Killu Siva Kumar Naidu, IAS, SDO Chandel as Executive Magistrate having jurisdiction ov
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