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288 20-11-2013 Change of the name of the Patpuihmun Junior High School as DR Thuoma Government Junior High School
289 20-11-2013 Construction of Road around Loktak Lake starting from Moirang Sendra Road to Ishok in Bishnupur Dist
290 20-11-2013 Installation of Water Supply Scheme under UIDSSMT of JUNURM at village No 91 Kwakta in Bishnupur Dis
287 19-11-2013 Appoint TK Moshilpha Maring, Deputy Inspector of School by promotion to the post of Inspector of Sch
286 18-11-2013 Manipur Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Services (Amendment) Rules, 2013
283 16-11-2013 Appoint ShamimAhmad Shah, MCS, SDO, Keirao Bitra as Executive Magistrate having Jurisdiction over
284 16-11-2013 Appoint 6(six) SDC Probationers, Chandel District as Executive Magistrate having jurisdiction over t
285 16-11-2013 Declaration of elected persons as members of the Village Authority of Bamgaijang Village, under Tame
280 15-11-2013 Construction Improvement of NH 37 from Tupul to Barak Sibilong and from Sibilon to Phaitol village i
281 15-11-2013 Realisation of electrical energy charges from the salaries of the Government employees
277 14-11-2013 Construction of Adit Alignment and approach road at Tunnel of New BG Railway Line from Jiribam to Tu
278 14-11-2013 Construction of Adit Alignment at Tunnel of New BG Railway Line from Jiribam to Tupul at Oinam villa
279 14-11-2013 Construction of Distributaries from RD 24,418 Km to 29,117 Km of Thoubal Left Main Cannel in Thoub
274 13-11-2013 Construction of Adit Alignment of New Railway Line at Kulbung village in Tamenglong District
275 13-11-2013 Construction of temporary Balley bridge over the Barak river and Sibilong village in Tamenglong Dist
276 13-11-2013 Appoint Polly Makhan AC to DC Ukhrul as Executive Magistrate having jurisdiction over the whole of U
272 12-11-2013 Widening of Imphal Kangchup Road at Village No 88 Lalambung and Iroisemba in Imphal West District
273 12-11-2013 Widening of Thangmeiband Road (from Lilashing Khongnangkhong to Khoyathong and Kabo Leikai Nongchup)
271 08-11-2013 Vacant post of Chairperson of Lilong Nagar Panchayat, Md Nurjaman, Councillor of Ward No 3 declared
262 30-10-2013 The Manipur Compulsory Registration of Marriage Act, 2008
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