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256 25-10-2013 Smt Ningthoujam Rani Devi, Vice Chairperson, Heirok Nagar Panchayat has tendered her resignation fro
251 23-10-2013 Transplantation of Human Organs Act, 1994 to appoint Director of Health Services as Appropriate Aut
252 23-10-2013 The Securities Laws (Amendment) Second Ordinance, 2013
250 22-10-2013 Reallote the share shares of the Manipur IT Project Development Company to the following subscriber
246 21-10-2013 Extend the term of Temporary post of Accountant created in the Cooperative Department
247 21-10-2013 Designate the Under Secretary (Coop) as the State Public Information Officer
248 21-10-2013 Reconstitute the State Executive Committee of the Manipur State Disaster Management Authority
249 21-10-2013 Revised Scheduled of Conversion of Already Registered Vehicle
243 18-10-2013 Promotion the following officers of the Manipur Judicial Services from Grade II to MJS Grade I
244 18-10-2013 Expansion Widening of Nagamapal Road (from Khoyathong to Kangjabi Leirak and Kangjabi Leirak to Maha
245 18-10-2013 Beautification Improvement of Singda Multipurpose Project at Naga village in Senapati District
242 11-10-2013 Appointed date for enforcement of the Manipur Municipalities Ombudsman Act, 2013
239 10-10-2013 Appoint P Sana Singh, MCS, SDO BDO, Tamenglong as Executive Magistrate having jurisdiction over the
240 10-10-2013 Appoint G Shantikumar Kabui, MCS, SDO BDO, Tousem as Executive Magistrate having jurisdiction over
241 10-10-2013 Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1976 hereby constitute an Authority for the Purpose of making
236 01-10-2013 Construction of Community Hall Centre, Napet Palli at village No 69 Kameng in Imphal East District
237 01-10-2013 Construction of District Sport Complex at village No 99 Bijang in Churachandpur Distric
238 01-10-2013 Objection Suggestion the draft Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for Manipur and Mizoram (Elec
203 09-09-2013 Establishment of Manipuri Pony Sanctury at Village no 12 Pangei in Imphal East District
200 07-09-2013 RRs for the post of Private Secretaray in the Manipur Legislative Assembly
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