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The Directorate of Printing & Stationery, Manipur comprises of two main functionary Sections– 1. Ministerial Section and 2. Industrial Section. Ministerial Section looks after formulation of Annual Plans, expenditure & revenue earning, service matters of the employees, preparation of bills etc. The main function of this Directorate is performed in the Industrial Section. All the printing and binding & finishing works are done in this Section. Due to this performance, this Directorate is popularly known as Government Press of Manipur State. It is the only Govt. Press of the State located in the heart of Imphal city.There is no any branch offices in the districts.

The Directorate of Printing & Stationery, Manipur has been taking up conversion of Letterpress technology to Offset technology under the modernization programme since Tenth Five Year Plan, 2007-2012. Since, 1st April, 2011 printing in letterpress process has been discontinued and obsolete machinery and equipments have been condemned and disposed of by auction sale. Procurement and installation of a number of modern sophisticated pre press, in press and post press machinery has been started to replace the old and conventional machinery. With the installation of such machinery, this Directorate can meet the printing demands of various government departments. Not only installation of sophisticated printing machinery, but new trend of processes in the field of pre press and post press are also adopted. Mostly, at present development in the post press sector is emphasized with a view of ensuring good finished products and perfection. Digital mimeographic printing and screen printing are also introduced to achieve quality short run jobs for quick delivery.

In-Service Training :-

Short term In-service training is also imparted to the existing employees within an appropriate lesson plan framed accordingly to enhance the skill of the operators. This training programme is mainly for long term adaptation to new printing terminologies and to acquaint them with the new operational and chemical processes of the new sophisticated machinery. Knowledge of health and environment friendly chemicals and solutions are also extended to the trainee operators with safety measures while running the machinery. Over and above, computer training is extensively imparted to them through the State Academy of Training, Manipur.




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