Gazette Publications

All the Government orders, notifications, memorandum, Acts, Rules etc. of the Govt. of Manipur are published in the State Gazettes, Gazettes of India are also republished in the State Gazette from time to time. Gazettes are printed and published in two Categories –

  1. 1. Ordinary Gazette and
  2. 2. Extra-ordinary Gazette

Extra-ordinary Gazettes are published every day for urgent enforcement of Rules, Orders and Notifications and Ordinary Gazettes are published every Wednesday os a weekly issues by compiling its parts. It comprises 5 parts.

  • - Part I consists of Appointments, Postings, Transfers, Powers, Leave and other personal,
  • - Part II (A) – Resolutions, Regulations, Orders, Notifications and Rules, etc.,
  • - Part II (B) – Orders, Notifications and Rules of the High Court of Assam,
  • - Part III – Orders, Notifications and Rules of the Government of India,
  • - Part IV– Advertisements and Notices by the Government Offices.

Earlier, Manipur Gazettes were printed/published in Letterpress process but now both the Extra-ordinary and Ordinary Gazettes are printing in Offset process and digital mimeographic process by typesetting/scanning in the DTP Systems. Gazette copies are made available to the public by direct sale, it can also be subscribed on an annual basis.

Gazette Price:

The price of the Gazette is Rs. 1 per page up-to 10 pages and Rs. 0.50 for subsequent pages for Extra-ordinary and Rs. 1.50 per page up-to 10 pages and Rs. 0 .75 for subsequent pages for Ordinary Gazettes respectively. Annual subscription fee of Rs. 400/- and Rs. 500/- with postage is charged from the subscribers. Generally, non-postage subscribers collect their copies from the Directorate’s Library. The present number of regular subscriber is 166 of which 20 copies are sent by post. Gazette copies are also supplied to the important Departments and Offices of the State Govt. at free of cost. Besides, free copies supplied to other important Offices and Libraries of other States too.

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