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325 Dec. 30, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Smt RK Bimola Devi, Councilor of Ward No 11 has been duly elected the Chairperson, Ningthoukhong Mu
326 Dec. 30, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Shri L Binochandra Singh, Councilor of Ward No 14 has been duly elected the Vice Chairperson, Ningt
327 Dec. 30, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Widening of Moirang INA road from Moirang Lamkhai to Laikhurembi Bridge at Village No 52 Moirang in
320 Dec. 28, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Manipur Police Service Rules, 1965 (1st Amendment,2013)
321 Dec. 28, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Setting up of Timber Park (SEZ for Multi Products) Phase II at Kuraopokpi, Village No 60 Laijing in
322 Dec. 28, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Corrigendum Correct the effected area specified below in place of Sl No 1 and 2 for construction of
323 Dec. 28, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Corrigendum Correct the land schedule in respect of Village No 9 Khekman and Moijing for Improvement
324 Dec. 28, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Creation of Sahamphung TD Block comprising of 21 villages in Kamjong Sub Division in Ukhrul District
317 Dec. 23, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Appoint Shri Sagongduimei Lunguiba Thangal, SDC, Senapati as Executive Magistrate having jurisdictio
318 Dec. 23, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Appoint Shri Kaigoulen Kipgen, SDC, Kangpokpi as Executive Magistrate having jurisdiction over the w
319 Dec. 23, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Appoint Renee Newmei, SDC, Senapati as Executive Magistrate having jurisdiction over the whole Senap
314 Dec. 21, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Regularisation of Shri Laiphrakpam Rajendro Singh as Deputy Director, Tribal Affairs and Hills, Mani
315 Dec. 21, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Corrigendum Kindly read Shri Ch Ibomcha Singh in place of Shri Sh Ibomcha Singh appearing Sl No 6
316 Dec. 21, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Grant permission No objection Certificate to the opening of Class XI and XII in Special Regular Engl
389 Dec. 20, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Manipur Civil Services Combined Competitive Examination (1st Amendment) Rules, 2014
313 Dec. 19, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Order that the Co operative Societies and all Co Operative Banks in the State shall Accordingly Amen
309 Dec. 18, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Appoint Shri Th Ranjit Singh, Information Assistant to the post of Manager of Publicationin the Dire
310 Dec. 18, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Timelines for filing, receiving and disposing claims and objection during the Socio Economic and Cas
311 Dec. 18, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Manipur (Hills Areas) District Councils (Headmaster, Headmistress (Primary School) Recruitment Rules
312 Dec. 18, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Upgradation of Sahamphung SDC Circle in Ukhrul District to Sub Division
307 Dec. 17, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Construction of temporary Bailey Suspension bridge at Khaiphundai and Longkao villages in Tamenglong
308 Dec. 17, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Corrigendum Construction of Security Posts of Police Department, Government of Manipur at Village N
305 Dec. 9, 2013 Extra-Ordinary The Governor of Manipur hereby declares the entires State of Manipur excluding Imphal Municipal Area
306 Dec. 9, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Constitute a High Powered Committee for Information Technology Special Economic Zone at Mantripukhr
301 Dec. 7, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Appoint Smt Sushila Devi, Addl Public Prosecutor as Public Prosecutor cum Government Advocate (Dis
302 Dec. 7, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Food Safety a Standard Act, 2006 and its rules and Regulations, 2011, ban imposed on selling of the
303 Dec. 7, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Reconstitute the State Seed Certification Committee and Seed Certification Cell of the Department of
304 Dec. 7, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Appoint on promotion Shri E Latakishwar Singh, Librarian to the post of Chief Librarian in the Manip
297 Dec. 6, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967 is hereby republished in the Manipur Extrordinary Gazette
298 Dec. 6, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Widening of Singjamei Chingamakha to Heirangoithong Road in Imphal West District
299 Dec. 6, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Corrigendum specified at Sl No 44 of Village No 1 Malom Tuliyaima for widening of NH 150 (from Keis
296 Dec. 3, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Smt Sagolsem Ranjita Leima, Vice Chairperson, Yairipok Nagar Panchayat has tender her resignation fr
294 Dec. 2, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Expansion of NH39 from southen side Lilong Bridge upto Border Bridge Moreh in Thoubal District
295 Dec. 2, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Amalgamating the two village of Lamlai Khullen and Lamlai Khunou into one village called Ramrei, Phu
292 Nov. 27, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Manipur State Pharmacy Council Rules 2003, Notification in Form A Election of a member or members
293 Nov. 27, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Corrigendum Please read as Manipur Gazette Extraordinary No 331 Imphal, Thursday, February 6, 2003
291 Nov. 25, 2013 Extra-Ordinary RRs for the post of Legal Officer in the Manipur Legislative Assembly Secretariat
288 Nov. 20, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Change of the name of the Patpuihmun Junior High School as D R Thuoma Government Junior High Schoo
290 Nov. 20, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Installation of Water Supply Scheme under UIDSSMT of JUNURM at village No 91 Kwakta in Bishnupur Dis
289 Nov. 20, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Construction of Road around Loktak Lake starting from Moirang Sendra Road to Ishok in Bishnupur Dist
286 Nov. 18, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Manipur Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Services (Amendment) Rules, 2013
287 Nov. 17, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Appoint T K Moshilpha Maring, Deputy Inspector of School by promotion to the post of Inspector of S
283 Nov. 16, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Appoint Shamim Ahmad Shah, MCS, SDO, Keirao Bitra as Executive Magistrate having Jurisdiction ove
284 Nov. 16, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Appoint 6(six) SDC (Probationers), Chandel District as Executive Magistrate having jurisdiction over
285 Nov. 16, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Declaration of elected persons as members of the Village Authority of Bamgaijang Village, under Tame
280 Nov. 15, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Construction, Improvement of NH 37 from Tupul to Barak, Sibilong and from Sibilon to Phaitol village
281 Nov. 15, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Realisation of electrical energy charges from the salaries of the Government employees
282 Nov. 15, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Utilization of the service of Shri Md Abdul Hakim Shah Associate Professor as Secretary , Manipur
277 Nov. 14, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Construction of Adit Alignment and approach road at Tunnel of New B G Railway Line from Jiribam to
278 Nov. 14, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Construction of Adit Alignment at Tunnel of New B G Railway Line from Jiribam to Tupul at Oinam vil
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