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89 July 9, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Upper limit of annual income of a citizen of India entitling him to legal services before a Court i
90 July 9, 2013 Extra-Ordinary The Manipur Public Servants Personal Liability (Amendment) Bill, 2013
86 July 8, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Construction of Distributaries from RD 24418 Km to 29117 Km of Thoubal Left Main Canal in Thoubal
87 July 8, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Addendum Setting up of Industrial Estate at Village No 34 Tengkhal Khunou in Bishnupur District
115 July 7, 2013 Extra-Ordinary The Regional Director, RBI to constitute a Task Force consisting of the following Members
85 July 5, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Allocate the work of Administration of the Cooperative Department to Th Manao Singh, Additional Regi
83 July 3, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Regularisation of Additional District and Session Judge (FTC), Manipur East and Manipur West
80 July 2, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Three Financial Committee of the Manipur Legislative Assembly for the year, 2013,14
81 July 2, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Time and date for holding to the office of the Vice Chairman, Hill Areas Committee of the Manipur Le
77 June 29, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Land Acquisition for construction of New B G Railway Line between Tupul to Imphal in Imphal West Di
78 June 29, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Publication of The Manipur Appropriation Bill No 4, 5 and 6 2013 as introduced in the Manipur Legis
79 June 29, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Publication of the Manipur Appropiation (No 3) as introduced in Manipur Legislative Assembly
76 June 28, 2013 Extra-Ordinary The Manipur Entrance Test for Engineering and Allied Diploma Courses (Selection Candidates) 1st Amen
75 June 27, 2013 Extra-Ordinary The Manipur Forest Service (1st Amendment) Rules, 2013
73 June 26, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Order regard to arrest of any person in complaint under Section 66A of the Information Technology Ac
74 June 26, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Appoint Shri G Shantikumar Kabui, SDO Moirang as Executive Magistrate having jurisdiction over the w
72 June 22, 2013 Extra-Ordinary RRs for the post of Deputy Director in the Manipur Legislative Assembly Secretariat
71 June 21, 2013 Extra-Ordinary The Readjustment of Representation of Scheduled Castes and ScheduledTribes in Parliamentary and Ass
70 June 19, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Declare Shri M Khamkhohau as Chief of Tonjang Village, Singngat,Churachandpur District
66 June 18, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Appoint by promotion of two officers from MJS Grade III to MJS Grade II
67 June 18, 2013 Extra-Ordinary The Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Ordinance, 2013
68 June 18, 2013 Extra-Ordinary The Manipur Cooperative Societies (Fifth Amendment) Bill, 2013
69 June 18, 2013 Extra-Ordinary The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Amendment) Second Ordinance, 2013
63 June 17, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Appoint Shri Killu Siva Kumar Naidu, IAS, SDO Chandel as Executive Magistrate having jurisdiction ov
64 June 17, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Authorise in addition to the SBI, HDFC Bank Ltd and Axis Bank Ltd for collection of commercial taxe
65 June 17, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Constitute the State Advisory Council of the Right of Children to Free and and Compulsory Rules, 20
60 June 15, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Appoint Shri L P Gonmei, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary as Member of the Manipur Public Service Com
61 June 15, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Corrigendum please read as Shri Liangsi Paul Gonmei instead of Shri L P Gonmei
62 June 15, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Land Acquisition for widening of the road between Khangabok and Wangjing Bazar in Thoubal District
59 June 14, 2013 Extra-Ordinary List of contesting candidates for election to the 7th Manipur State Veterinary Council, 2013
56 June 7, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Land Acquisition for the work of Langthabal River Flood Control Project in Thoubal District
57 June 7, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Land Acquisition for construction of new BG Railway Line from Chainage 8724 to 96340 at Noney and M
58 June 7, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Land Acquisition for construction of road between Tamenglong to Longdi Pabram in Tamenglong District
53 June 6, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Declaration of the elected persons as Chairman, Ex Officio Chairman, Members of the village Authorit
54 June 6, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Accord sanction to the creation of the various posts on contract basis of the Autonomous District C
55 June 6, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Corrigendum, Addendum Schedule I of Village No 88 Lalambung forwidening of Khwairak Shelungba Roa
52 June 5, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Corrigendum please read the words Federation as The Manipur State Cooperative Consumers Federation L
51 June 4, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Appoint the Board of Administrators of Manipur State Apex Cooperative Housing Society Ltd
50 June 3, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Appoint Shri TS Shimreingam, MCS, Assistant Commissioner, Ukhrul District as Executive Magistrate ha
48 June 1, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Notice of 7th Election of Manipur State Veterinary Council 2013
47 June 1, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Recommended Shri Gaikimlak Kamei as the ex officio Chairman of the village Authority of Luangchum
49 June 1, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Appoint Shri S Naba Singh, MCS, Additional Deputy Commissioner, Imphal East District as District Ma
45 May 31, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme State Employment Guarantee Fund, Manipur
46 May 31, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Setting up of Industrial Estate at Village No 34 Tengkhal Khunou in Bishnupur District
42 May 30, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Corrigendum of schedule of land (to be recorrected) Imphal East 104 Top Chingtha
43 May 30, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Addendum of schedule of land (to be added) Village No 60 Sorokhaiba Leikai
44 May 30, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Construction of Security Posts of Police Department at Village No 95 Moreh, Chandel District
41 May 28, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Reconstitute a fresh Board of Administrators for a period of 6 months
227 May 23, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Redesignation of the Courts at Column III, within the territorial limit of their jurisdiction at Col
40 May 22, 2013 Extra-Ordinary Land acquisition for improvement of Nambul River from Maharani bridge to Keishampat Bridge on Easter
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